Welcome to RaceTech Audio Visual!

RaceTech Audio Visual is a leading independent provider of audio visual, broadcast and public address solutions across a broad spectrum of industries.

With a history stretching back over 60 years and experience of working with a variety of technologies and different environments, RaceTech Audio Visual designs and builds innovative, creative, cost effective, reliable and future proof solutions, from board rooms to sports stadiums, schools to racecourses, universities and Higher Education and everything in between.

“Exceeding our customers’ expectations with extraordinary service and solutions…”

RaceTech AV is a pre-approved authorised Framework Supplier for all Audio Visual and Broadcast solutions, services and supplies to all NEUPC members. RaceTech AV has a strong heritage of working with Universities and within the Education sector as a whole – we understand the dynamics of your business as well as the technologies that you work with, giving a complete solution offering, tailored for NEUPC needs.

Please contact RaceTech AV on 0208 944 4247 or email to NEUPC@RaceTech.co.uk using NEUPC in the subject box.

RaceTech AV has undergone rigorous testing to achieve Framework Supplier status and can help to guide and assist you in all areas of Audio Visual technologies. Whatever your requirement, large or small, we can offer best value and full back up.


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